Site Specific Performance

Architectural public spaces and the features inherent within them are by design full of inspiration, history and legacy. These spaces call to be seen and heard, explored and contemplated and Dance Theatre by Nature has the capasity to draw people into these spaces, challenging them to think, question and interact with the furniture, spaces and people around them.

For us working in these public, site specific performance arena's where placemaking is often a key aspect of consideration, community is where we place the biggest emphasis. Bringing people together to talk, share expereinces and connect in some way is how healthy communities are maintained and wherever possible we will try to in some way involve the community via schools, community groups and local residents and bring them into the work.

So if you are interested in exploring opportunities to bring new and established audiences to your space then don't hesitate to get intouch and tell us more about your vision.

Performance practise is often the culmination of a number of ideas brought together to create new and unique ways of working

Community & workshops

A key aspect of Roberts work is health and wellbeing both on an individual and on a community basis. Communities have personalities, spirit and souls. Communities can be vibrant but also suffer from isolation and the health of a community is in the individuals abilty and enjoyment of interaction both in the environment around them as well as with the people around them.

When we look at the now widely used Wellness Wheel we see a variety of elements that make up an individuals and communities wellness. These include considerations such as  social, environment, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical cosiderations, all key elements of dance as both a movement form and dance as a Theatre / Art / Performance form.

With these thoughts in mind we provide bespoke workshop and performance opportunities that encourage community members to get involved at whatever level of skill or expertise and we are always looking for partners interested in working with other art forms such as Music, set and tech, art, costume or dance and being involved in its creation.  There are so many elements to a performance. The platforms for getting involved are never ending.

Interested in exploring more. Thinking to bring dance to your school or community then feel free to get in touch.

What starts as a seed of an idea can often blossom in ways no one could of expected.

Theatre, Performance & Media

Roberts work has, over many years, spanned Theatre, Performance and Media.

Her interest is in finding new ways to explore an idea or way of thinking and at the heart of her work is the search for new ways to engage the heart of the viewer, challenging their emotional center through performance and expereince of performance.

In her theatre work personal stories and matters of the heart, soul and mind are a consistent theme. These are stories we can all relate to in one way or another and these stories therefore have huge relevance in todays society where there is a re= emergence of interest in the human and societal condition and how our environment affects us.

In her TV and media work clients have come with an idea and we have worked through the possibilities together leading to a new way of looking at a concept and then eventual delivery.

Do you have an event in mind that is about challenging people tothink differently. are you wondering on the best way to engage your audience?

Feel free to contact us with a view to looking at what types of performance / expereintial events could fit your brief.

 us on lorraine@lorraineroberts.com or at 07984016712

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