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Lorraine Roberts Still Standing Not Standing Still. Commissioned by NI
Seed Bomb Dance Chelsea Fringe  9 Images by Mickey Lee for Nine Elms o
Lorraine Skating with Jane Torvil and Christopher Dean
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Lorraine Roberts, Founder and Artistic Director for Lorraine Roberts & Co / LORO  trained as a dancer and choreographer at the 'Laban Centre for Movement & Dance'  now known as 'Trinity Laban' under the tutorige of the likes of the amazing Choreographer Stuart Hopps and Rosemary Brandt, renowned for her specialist  interest in Choreological studies. 

After finishing her BA Lorraine went on to set up  ‘LORRAINE ROBERTS AND CO’, a professional dance company specializing in contemporary dance and physical theatre alongside her sister company 'LONDONSKATECREW', a skate performance and teaching company. 

Her interest in dance has always stemmed from her belief in the importance of the body as a communicator of throughts and feelings often unspoken. Her own life expereinces alongside the increasing scientific interest in the importance of the body as a communicatator of mental health has further spurred this interest both on an individual level but also on a community and societal level. It is therfore these areas that are increasingly at the heart of Lorraine's work whether at the point of sharing personal individual stories around this subject or at a place of community driven works that encourage interaction and connection between performers and audience and individuals / community groups.

Recently Roberts has been privilieged to be a commissioned artist within her local community in Wandsworth putting on Site Specific shows alongside  community driven dance workshops that at their heart aim to bring people together in spaces they might not normally associate with commuity. This has been a huge privilege and has further cemented her interest in the importance of connection and the need to understand how individuals might best work together to create more connected and empowered communites.

For more information regarding Roberts / LORO's work  please feel free to get intouch