Happy Streets

Happy Streets

Saturday 13th July 2019

12 noon - 6pm

A free family - friendly day of circus, music, dance and fun activities

Thessally Road and Ascalon Street, Nine Elms,.SW8 5EJ


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Happy Streets Festival
Happy streets 2

Join us!

As part of the Happy Streets festival run by NIne Elms London we are inviting everyone to come and join us and take part in a dance to celebrate happiness. 

Its a dance for all ages and abilities created and led by local choreographer Lorraine Roberts who will call the steps so you dont have to know the dance before you join in. Its all about fun, not perfection so you can arrive and just get stuck in 


if you are someone who wants to get in a bit of practise first, you also come and can learn / practice the dance at one of the afternoon workshops being held at the Rose Community Club Room (Large Hall)  and we also have a 'Learn the Happy Dance' video where you can learn the dance and practise it with us. 

Dont forget to also check out St Georges C of E schools video. They very kindly let us go in and share the dance as part of their 'Wake & Shake' program so you can see them dancing with the music. Both Video's below. 

Workshop times and locations Saturday 13th July 1.00pm and 2.30pm on the day

Address:  Rose Community Club Room (Large Hall)

22 Ascalon St, Nine Elms. London SW8 4AN

Have fun and see you there!!!!

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